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Tammy McWilliams, Queen's Harbor

Wes is awesome.  I used his services recently and have been very pleased.  Will definitely use his services again if needed.  🙂

Lynne Preminger, Queen's Harbor

Wes has tacked a huge project for us and we are appreciated his timely efforts. We highly recommend him.

Patty Kleck, Queen's Harbor

We highly recommend Wes. He has helped us with our Mac computer and even come over, measured the space and gone and bought a printer, come back and installed it. A nice young man.

Doug Berle, Pablo Point

Wes is definitely Da Man! Came to my house this morning and identified the problem immediately. Problem solved.
Nice young man that you would welcome into your home.

Jeffrey Mitchell, Pablo Point

I can’t thank Wes enough for the incredible work he has done for me. He took my PC computer from hell, cleaned it up and got it working fast and reliably. He is also an expert with Mac computers.

Cathy Carrillo, Harbor Place

Just want to give a HUGE thank you to Wes! This man is HIGHLY efficient at what he does! Would totally recommend his services to anyone looking for a ”tech” guy!!


My name is Wes Krosnick.  I'm a resident of Queen's Harbor, an IT, and a web and app developer who works at home and is almost always available and nearby for tech help.  

I will be happy for you to come to my home, or I can make house calls, whenever you have computer, mobile device, software, app, or miscellaneous tech problems or if you need to learn how to use or setup anything technical.

I have a bachelor of science degree in Physics from Jacksonville University, a bachelor of engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and a Master of Science degree from the Center for Human-Machine Systems Research at Georgia Tech, a cross-disciplinary major in Computer Information Systems, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and Interface Design.

I worked as a computer developer for a major software development firm for 3 years before branching out into my own freelance work, IT, commercial website development, web hosting, and app development.  But, most of what I know is just from being a computer and tech nerd! 

Examples of things I can help you with:

- fix a slow, sluggish, or frozen computer that suffers from insufficient memory, hard drive fragmentation/corruptions, and/or is bogged down by an accumulation of spyware, malware, and/or viruses.

- fix slow or faulty Internet connections that cut in and out.

-  fix a printer that froze or lost its connections to your computer and mobile devices.

- print from your mobile devices or from your mobile device emails 

- scan to your email or computer or scan from your mobile devices

- scan a paper document and convert it to editable ascii text using OCR (optical character recognition)

- fax from your printer, scanner, computer, or mobile devices

- receive faxes on your computer, mobile devices, and/or in your email inbox 

- replace your struggling grinding hard drive with a quiet speedy solid-state drive (has no moving parts) with read/write speeds that are 8 to 10 times faster.  This makes your computer noticeably fast.  My old 2011 iMac now boots up in around 10 seconds using an installed SSD drive.  Sure beats buying a new computer!

- upgrade your RAM, because running out of RAM memory causes your computer to freeze temporarily or slow down while it grabs some of your hard drive space to be used for RAM memory (this is called virtual memory).

- setup a backup drive for your computer to automatically backup your files and allow you to restore your computer from a recent backup if you get a computer virus or if your hard drive gets fragmented or corrupted.  No more virus software will be necessary (running in the background slowing down your computer).

- install Windows 10 on your Mac or MacBook, then open your documents using either a Mac application or a Windows application, and copy text from a Mac document and paste it into a Windows document or vice versa

- Update your computer to the latest operating system with all the security updates that protect your computer from being attacked by the latest hacks, similarly update your mobile operating systems, printer drivers, and apps to the latest versions.

- Setup cloud integration of your computer with your mobile devices with automatic cloud backups of all your computer and mobile device files, photos, and data.

- Setup Facebook integration with the contacts on your smartphone, tablet, and computer so your friends pictures appear in your contacts and your friends pictures come up when they call you on your smartphone.

- setup, connect, and use any computer, mobile device, printer, or software applications (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, etc.)

- export all of your photos, videos, mp3s, and documents from your previous computers, iPods, MP3 players, mobile devices, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc., nicely organized with all photo duplicates removed, and upload them all to your cloud to view or listen to on your latest computer and on all of your mobile devices.

- setup smartphone integration with your car, and control and program your DVR and cable box with your smartphone and tablet.

- Listen to your iPhone on an older car model wirelessly by using an FM modulator in conjunction with a bluetooth adapter.

- Once your iPhone is connected to your car stereo, control your iPhone's default music player, Spotify music player, Apple Music player, Pandora music player, or YouTube player using your Apple Watch or tell Siri which song you want to listen to using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

- Subscribe to and listen to streamed podcasts on your iPhone or in your car.

- view and use your computer on your TV using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and wireless Bluetooth mouse with a 30-foot range, and download TV programs and movies directly from the Internet to watch on your TV in full 1080p HD resolution.  (I downloaded all 6 of the original Star Wars movies and a lot of Big Bang Theory episodes.)

- View and use your iPhone or iPad on your TV

- Answer your iPhone calls on your Macintosh computer or iPad and converse right from your computer or iPad.

- Setup and use Apple Pay on your iPhone and Apple Watch to pay cashiers with one button press.

- Reserve center-row movie seats using your iPhone and, at the movie theater, have your iPhone or Apple Watch QR code scanned instead of using a movie ticket. 

- Use Siri to read and reply to text messages and emails while you are driving, to call people and businesses for you, to change your phone settings for you, set reminders and alarms, play any song in Apple's music database, and give Siri an accent.

- make, edit, trim, crop, and annotate your videos with titles, transitions, fade-ins, background music , and voice-overs all using only your iPhone or iPad, or alternatively, using your computer, and upload it to YouTube directly from the video editor..

- edit your photos using Photoshop

- make a Facebook Profile

- make Skype video calls to your family.

- Learn subtle details about using your smartphone or tablet, such as how to copy, paste, use undo, close apps, etc.

- how to use your smartphone to recognize and download or stream any song you hear in a public place

- setup, connect, and use your Wifi/high-speed internet, Internet-based landline phones, and XFinity X1 premium cable and DVRs.

- set up and use any other kind of tech in your home, office, or car.

For your refrigerator door and/or your contacts app:

Wes Krosnick
IT and Web/App Developer
Oncall Tech Guy LLC
Phone: (904) 380-1159 (text or call)