IRS Audit

IRS AuditReceiving an IRS notice is one of the most stressful things to face alone – especially if it is to announce that your Form 1040 Federal Income Tax Return has been selected for audit. Should you attend the audit on your own and represent yourself? Take countless hours of your own time responding and attending the audit? Not if you want to achieve the best outcome at the least time and expense possible and have all your rights fully protected. Did you know that you have the option of securing the services of a federal tax audit expert who is a local resource at a reasonable cost?

Mitchell Tax Advocacy is based in Jacksonville, FL. Jeffrey Mitchell, Enrolled Agent, was an IRS auditor for 13 years. Having examined countless tax returns, he is second to none in the tax practitioner community in understanding and navigating the audit process – from securing, organizing and presenting your records, to communicating positively with the auditor, and protecting your rights and minimizing and/or eliminating any adverse actions.

The Enrolled Agent is a federal tax expert licensed by the Internal Revenue Service. Jeffrey Mitchell, EA, is the audit expert. Why choose anyone else to represent you?